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Posted on May 17, 2019
We got into a really nice school of big fish today fishing on anchor using slabs and live bait. Once we found them it was non stop action catching fish after fish. Another great day on the water!

Come make memories with us!

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Posted on May 14, 2019
I took Jack and Carol Mitchell out today for their anniversary. They got married on a fishing trip and they go on a fishing trip every year for their anniversy, now that's a keeper. We got on a group of big fish right from the start that... more »
Posted on May 12, 2019
I took today off so that I could take my mom, my sister and my little boy out fishing for Mother's Day. My wife was out delivering a baby. She is a midwife and was helping a new mother come into her time honored role of motherhood so she... more »
Posted on May 9, 2019
Striper fishing on Lake Texoma is some of the best fishing that you will find for some many hundreds of miles and I am lucky to call it my home. Growing up on Texoma I developed a love for fishing early in life and soon found that there was... more »
Posted on May 9, 2019
These guys fished yesterday and today with me and we had a blast catching fish. Yesterday morning we didn't get long to fish becuse of the weather but that didn't stop us from getting in some awesome topwater action before the storm... more »