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Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Topwater Action Anyone?
Posted on August 28, 2017

There is no such thing as normal, the only constant is change, and so the fishing ebbs and flows with the fluctuations of weather and spiraling cycles of celestial bodies. Though there are patterns to be read, they are chaotic and the song never repeats in exactly the same way. Thus everyday is an adventure of discovery as to the patterns and locations of the fish for which we are in pursuit. Some days, all is in alignment and we find ourselves in the right place at the right time to enjoy the excitement of a feeding frenzy, other days we have to put forth great effort to put the pieces together, and still others we may find that no matter how much effort we put forth the pieces can not be brought together as if there were some unperceivable force thwarting our efforts. Luckily on Lake Texoma, we have a great abundance of stripers so the days in which all seems to be brought against us, we are still able to manage a few fish and the days in which all is in alignment make for memories of a lifetime to enjoy. 

Understanding that there have indeed been a few slow days as can be expected, we have currently been experiencing some really great fishing. The fish have been hitting the surface early of a morning and we have been doing well using lures, casting sassy shad into the feeding fish and using slabs when they move out deeper. Mostly the fish have been near the banks in shallow water early and venture deeper later in the day. I have tried live bait on a few trips with little success so we can expect to be using lures for our trips to come in the foreseeable future.

Given the mild weather we have been having, it feels like the fall fishing should come a bit early this year and we will soon be blind casting pencil poppers into the shallow waters in hopes of big 4-15 pound stripers exploding on the surface after our topwater lures. This can be some of the most exciting fishing of the year though some years the pattern never fully develops. In years past I have seen this pattern work from about mid September through the first of November so if you want an opportunity to catch a big fish on topwater this is the time to plan your trip. Also showing up at some point during this time will be the seagulls, or nature's fish finders as they have been called around the lake. There is something special about gull, loon, fish, and man all in a feeding frenzy together which reminds us of our connection with nature and to all things which you must experience for yourself. Fall is a great time to fish and be out on the water. There are fewer boats given that kids are back in school and hunting season is underway which makes for a more peaceful experience and there is a greater abundance of wildlife to behold with the migrating waterfowl and the return of the eagles. Give us a call to setup your trip at (903)815-1609 or book online at I will be looking forward to fishing with you.

Your Lake Texoma striper fishing guide,
Brian Prichard