Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Lure Bite Turning On!
Posted on January 8, 2011

Winter patterns are finally setting in here on Lake Texoma. Water temperature is at 49⁰ and elevation is normal. Every year around January, the fish go through a transition as the water temperature drops into the 40’s. It seems like one day after catching limits for several days straight, you hit a wall and the fish you were catching off of bait just will not bite anymore and the lure bite starts to get hot and lasts through March. Well, we are not at that point. Bait fishing is dead and the lure bite is on. The cat fishing is also picking up as well. 

Yesterday was too pretty of a day to be stuck sitting at the house and after hearing that jugs were getting good, I invited my dad out to see if we couldn’t get into some cats on rod and reel. We left out around 1:00 and tried several spots before I found some action off a ledge in 50ft. going 3 cranks off the bottom with live and cut shad. It was a steady bite and fairly good action for catfish. We caught around 8 in about an hour up to 10 pounds before my dad called it quits. It was a nice warm evening out on the water.
This morning I took out a group of 2 and after reading all of the reports on how bad bait fishing was and getting a tip about some success on lures (Thanks Chris!), I knew it was time to tie on some lures and abandon even trying to catch fish using bait. We set out around 7:30 and I go set up in the catfish hole that I had left the day before to kill some time and let it warm up while we try for a big cat. The cats are moodier than stripers and they were apparently not in the mood this morning because we didn’t get a bite. I didn’t try too long because I was eager to get after the stripers. I start prodding over all of the lure spots that hold fish this time of the year and after running around a little, I find some fish piled up in 20ft. We’ve all got different lures on because I’m not real sure what they are going to bite and after drifting through lots of fish, I finally hooked one up on a 5” glow sassy on a 1 ½ oz. head so we all put one on and got serious about it. Before you know it we were all hooking up fish and in a couple of hours we had a limit obese, pot bellied 18-20” stripers in the box. Slow rolling the sassys along the bottom reeling super slow was the ticket. I love lure fishing and I’m glad to see the fish starting their winter lure pattern, which traditionally should last through March.   

Bonus Fish!
If you like catfishing or lure fishing now is the time to give either or both a try and take advantage of my weekday winter special which is $100/person Mon. - Fri. According to the current weather report, it is going to warm back up by next weekend so if anyone is interested, I do have some openings.   You can book your trip online at or just give me a call anytime at (903)815-1609 and I’ll get you set up.
Your Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide,
Brian Prichard
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