Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Signs of Spring
Posted on March 28, 2011


It seems all the signs of spring are now upon us. Wild flowers are starting to bloom, the trees are getting their leaves, my garden is coming up, and most importantly, the fish are starting to bite here on Lake Texoma. With the warmer weather the surface temperature has climbed into the 60’s in the main lake which is the striper’s preferred temperature range where they feed the most aggressively. As a result the fishing has really been turning on and we are even starting to see a big fish turn up here and there. It is still a little hit and miss but both the hit and the miss are getting better by the day.
 When the fish are feeding you can find them under the birds and you can load the boat if you can stay on them. Usually anything you tie on will work in one of these feeding frenzies.  I’ve been using sassys but bait and slabs are also working under the birds. However, the birds and the feeding fish are not all that reliable yet so we’ve been working the shallows with sassys to put fish in the box when it is slow. Although I’ve heard of a bait bite kicking off here and there, I have not caught many fish using bait. Mainly because when the fish are feeding, they are hitting sassys just as well if not better so why bother with the bait when lures are more fun. I still have a tank full of live shad and bait rods rigged up on all of my trips in the event that we should need them.
Monday 3/21 I had three guys and it was a little slow, I think I ended up with around 8 or 10 fish for 3 guys.
Tuesday 3/22 the wind was blowing like crazy and I tried to get my group to cancel but they wanted to give it a shot anyway. Well, 4-5 ft seas are no joke but safely navigated to a safe spot out of the wind where we could catch some fish. We ended up with 19 fish for a group of 4 which I was please to have considering the conditions and the fact we were limited to fishing one spot.
Wednesday 3/23 I had the same group as the day before. The wind had died down a bit and I had more options available to fish. First spot we land an 8 lb fish to start out the day and it kept getting better. The birds worked for a little while but it didn’t last long and the fish soon scattered. We closed out the day with 25. 
Thursday3/24 I found the birds working early and put 9 in the box before they scattered. We put a few more fish in the box working the shallows and then the birds picked back up around 1:00 and we finished up our 3 man limit in no time. We must have left a little too early because my cousin Micah was out in his new, slightly used red fin he bought a couple of weeks ago, and he brought in a couple of nice fish around 10 lbs which he caught under the birds in deep water on sassys. As soon as he gets everything legal and ready to go on the boat he is going to start running trips for me.
Friday 3/25, after 3 pretty good days of fishing we hit another slow day, the birds and fish tried to work but never really amounted to much, I could find a few fish and catch one here and there but they were just being stubborn . I heard the fish fed elsewhere and others did well that day but it just wasn’t meant to be for us. We finished the day with 10 stripers and a sandbass for 2 guys which is half a limit so it wasn’t too bad.
Saturday 3/26 the wind started blowing again, I think the weather man missed the forecast because it was blowing around 30mph for a little while. I had an evening trip and we left out at noon. We found a place out of the wind and started catching fish right off the bat, we weren’t hammering them but it was a steady bite that lasted the whole trip. We were working the shallows with sassys which is what I’ve been doing for a month or more now. After five hours we had put 34 in the box and they were ready to head in when I looked up and the birds were going crazy! Needless to say it didn’t take us long to put our last 6 in the boat and release a few more to finish out the day. We had a 40 fish limit and it was the best day in a while.
Things are looking good going into April which is traditionally a great month. The fish are as fat as I’ve ever seen them and they are about ready to spawn. The eggs are now green in the females and the males are beginning to squirt milt in the cooler.  I expect them to make a spawning run with the next hard rain that gets the rivers flowing.  All of my Saturday mornings are now booked through the end of May and only 2 left in June but I still have some Saturday evenings and Sundays available. Also, Micah will soon be available for trips if you need a weekend. If you can get away, fishing is better during the week as you do not have to contend with all of the boats and the added pressure to the fish. I have several weekdays open in April and now is the time to get on the water. You can book your trip and check availability online at or just give me a call at (903)815-1609 and I’ll get you set up.
Your Lake Texoma fishing guide,
Brian Prichard
Stripers Inc.