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Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Get Ready For Big Fish Season!

Posted on November 27, 2023
Yesterday out on the water wasn't a day most people would look for and decide “Hey, we have a 15-20mph N wind and temperature in the 30's, let's go fishing!” Most people would rather be huddled around a fireplace sipping a hot cup of... more »

Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Watch for Seasonal Patterns

Posted on November 1, 2023
I love watching the season's change. I enjoy all of the changes that come with it, it gives a variety and newness to life but at the same time it brings the comfort of nostalgic repetition. Each year is similar but slightly different and unique so... more »

Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: The Right Place at the Right Time

Posted on August 9, 2023
With the hottest part of the summer setting in and children getting ready to head back to school, the lake traffic is finally slowing down. Often during this hottest part of the year, how many boats are on the water will be the deciding factor of whether... more »

Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Understanding the Thermocline

Posted on June 20, 2023
It is interesting to observe how the fish behave as the seasons change. As their behaviors change, so too do the methods with which can be used to trigger them to bite. To me, one of the most interesting and dramatic changes of the year happens right... more »

Fly Fishing Trips

Posted on June 4, 2023
Fly fishing is an art, a passion, and even a way of life for many anglers. After fishing the lake my entire life and guiding professionally since the age of 18, I was first introduced to fly fishing in 2020 and was instantly hooked. I knew the moment I... more »