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Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: October 2021

Posted on October 5, 2021

 When most people hear the word October, they think of cooler weather, pumpkin spice, and Halloween, but for me here on Lake Texoma, when October comes, it's all about big stripers blowing up on topwater plugs and flies. There is nothing more exciting than seeing these big fish explode on a pencil popper or a big streamer and hearing the drag sing.

This pattern begins in late September when the weather starts to cool. The summer temperatures make the water a bit uncomfortable for these big fish and as the first real cold fronts of the year begin to cool the shallows, the big striper will move into these shallow areas to find comfort. At times, they will be actively feeding and you will see them blowing up, other times you blind cast in areas that they have been proven to be holding or any shallow water that looks fishy. If they are there you will soon know as they are quick to hit the lure if they are in the area. After a few casts and no blow ups, its time to keep moving, this window of opportunity only lasts for the first hour or so of daylight so you will want to cover as much ground as possible until you find them. After the sun hits the shallows and they begin to warm up for the day, the fish will move to deeper water where we switch over to slabs to catch them. As the fish move deeper around mid morning, we have been finding them in 15-30 foot of water and catching them by bouncing a slab off the bottom. As the slab hits the bottom jerk the rod all the way up like you are setting the hook and let it fall back down making sure it hits the bottom again after every jerk. The fish will often hit it on the fall so be watching the line as it falls, ready to set the hook if it stops short of the bottom.

Since the fish are shallow, it is an excellent time to attempt for a big striper on a fly rod casting a big streamer. I have been recently getting into fly fishing, I picked up my first fly rod in April and have really been having a good time catching these stripers on the fly. I've even taken my first client out on a guided fly fishing trip back in June after explaining that he may be the one teaching me how to fish lol. He said as long as I put him on the fish that was all that he cared about so that's what we did and caught some nice fish while we were at it. It is definitely an addiction, I've learned a lot and still have a lot to learn about it. I'm definitely excited to have a new challenge for these fish which I can offer to my clients.

This shallow topwater action will last until the first week of November before the pattern fades away and we start chasing after the birds. As far as numbers go, November is one of the best and most consistent months of the year and chasing feeding birds and casting swim baits is a fun way to fish. Spring is often touted as the best time to fish but often the fall proves to be better, if for no other reason than there is fewer boats and less pressure on the fish. Though for this reason, weekdays are always best anytime of the year that you come, avoid weekends if ever possible as the added pressure nearly always seems to make the fishing slower compared to the rest of the week. Also weekends are hard to book anyway, mine are already filled up through the end of November but I have lots of weekdays open for an opportunity to get in on this exceptional time to fish.

You can book your trip online at or give me a call at (903)815-1609 and I'll get you setup over the phone. I have open rates meaning you are free to give what you feel is a fair rate at the end of our adventure. Also if you are looking for ideas for the holiday season, keep in mind I do offer gift certificates to provide a unique gift for that special angler in your life. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Your Lake Texoma Fishing Guide,
Brian Prichard
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