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Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: August 2022

Posted on August 3, 2022

 Now we arrive in August here on beautiful Lake Texoma and I'm pleased to say, the lake is not quite as crowded as it was in the earlier parts of the summer, at least during the week, and though the temperature has been hot in the afternoons, its been cool out on the water of a morning and it's really nice to be out. The fishing here lately has been on fire most days, 15-20” fish have been surfacing every morning at one location or another around the lake and we have been starting each trip chasing them around. These surfacing fish are especially fun to catch on the fly rod as well. Then around 8:00 the surface bite slows and we switch to slabs where we are dropping them straight down through thick schools of fish, jigging them a few times and reeling as fast as we can back to the surface. It depends on the day which technique will prove the better as some days the topwater action is best and others the slabs are the winner. Though we did had a lone Saturday where neither worked and only caught 4 fish that day after burning a tank of gas and staying out later than usual trying to make it happen. There were boats everywhere scattering the fish and it ended up being the slowest day I've had in probably 4 years. My next trip out was on Tuesday and we put 60 fish in the boat and left them biting. There were hardly any other boats out that day and just like that, fishing is back to being awesome. People are often asking when is the best time to come and I always tell them during the week. We catch these fish year round and if I ever have a slow day it is usually on a Saturday when the boat traffic has the fish scattered and uncooperative. It's certainly worth using a vacation day to have the best opportunity of catching fish.

Our slab and topwater bite will continue all through August September and October though the patterns the fish are following will be a little different each month. Starting around mid to late September through the end of October, we will start catching big fish on surface lures and on the fly rod. This is one of my favorite patterns to fish as there is nothing better than seeing a monster striper blow up on your lure or swallow your fly. If you are into fly fishing, you don't want to miss out on our fall topwater bite here on Lake Texoma.

Right now I have trips available during the week in August and September but if you need on of those risky weekend dates, I have availability starting in October so you will want to book now to secure the date. You can book your trip online at or give me a call at (903)815-1609 and I'll get you setup over the phone. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Come make memories with us!

Your Lake Texoma Stiper Fishing Guide,
Brian Prichard
Stripers Inc.