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Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Chasing the Big Fish

Posted on January 23, 2023



I've love chasing these big fish! Winter fishing is our peak time of year for consistently catching the big ones and we are off to a great start so far. The fish are stacked up on their structure patterns as well as out in the deep channels. Day to day, we may be casting swimbaits on structure or dead sticking flukes in the deep water. I'm prepared to fish either way and both methods can produce big fish, the key is to feel out what the fish are wanting for the day and keep being persistent until it pays off. Some days its easy and the bite is on fire as soon as we get out, others we just have to keep at it until they turn on but we always bring home a good mess of fish.


Yesterday, Sunday January 22, 2023, I took my cousin Caitlan and her friends out on a catch and release trip for these big fish. When she arrived, I was glad to see her more prepared for the cold this time, last trip I had to wrap her in my oversized rain coat to keep her from freezing. We set out around 7:30 and I started searching structure for the fish when I looked up to see a group of birds. Birds don't work everyday this time of year so I wasn't expecting to find them, but a mild cold front with cloud cover had the fish roaming about and feeding. Through out the trip, we found 3 groups of birds working over schools of big stripers to show us right where to go. After a little trial and error experimenting with dead sticking, we found that they liked casting swim baits the best. Most everything we caught was big with all but a couple at 6 lbs or better with the biggest coming in around 11 lbs. I love putting folks on these big fish, it is a blast seeing the drag spinning and smiling faces all around. We caught fish just about everywhere went, when the birds would stop working we turned to our key structure locations to keep catching. Everything we caught using glow sassy shad swim baits on 1 ½ oz. chartreuse jig heads fished both deep and shallow. It seemed like we did the best when we found the birds working over a shallow ledge to deep water near shore. It was another great day out on beautiful Lake Texoma!



I now have several trips under my belt in the new boat and I've really been enjoying the Blazer Bay, there are a few things I liked better about the Falcon but overall I've been quite pleased with the Blazer. Thanks to all of your help and support, we are now fully recovered from the boat fire! I built new rod boxes and we had the hole in the boat lift repaired from where it had melted in the fire. It has been quite the process getting everything set back up the way I like it. Though there are still a few projects that are going to have to wait like getting a bench seat fiberglassed in across the stern so we can have a little more room in the boat, but all of the necessary details are taken care of and I'm now finally back in my own slip. It is good to be back! You all have helped me to bounce back quickly and gracefully and I'm forever grateful for the support!


If traditional patterns hold, we should continue catching these big fish all through the winter months. The weather has been really nice here lately and it is a great time to get out of the house and spend some time with friends and loved one's making memories out on the water. All of the fishing gear and equipment is provided on our trips, all you will need is a license and warm clothes. All of the fish we catch will be filleted and bagged with the red meat removed, ready to cook with your favorite recipe. You can book your trip online at or give me a call at (903)815-1609 and I'll get you setup over the phone. If you have any questions about our trips, don't hesitate to ask. I'll be looking forward to fishing with you!

Your Lake Texoma Fishing Guide,
Brian Prichard

Stripers Inc.