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Posted on June 4, 2023


Fly fishing is an art, a passion, and even a way of life for many anglers. After fishing the lake my entire life and guiding professionally since the age of 18, I was first introduced to fly fishing in 2020 and was instantly hooked. I knew the moment I hooked up my first striper on the fly rod that I needed to become accomplished in the art so I could shift my clients into fly fishing as this is the most enjoyable way to catch these stripers.


Stripers are an exciting query to catch on the fly, they are aggressive feeders that run in big schools and will often times feed on the surface in an acre sized feeding frenzy. We typically use big tandem hook streamers on sinking line to catch them. Sinking line is most versatile as you can strip it fast and catch fish that are feeding on the surface or you can let it sink and catch the fish along the bottom. Only during the summer time in July and August will you get any days where it is topwater action for the whole trip, other times we are finding fish along structure and dredging along the bottom, or letting it sink through big schools of fish that are working under birds. The average size of these fish is about 2-8lbs but it is common to catch them up to 15lbs and occasionally you will see a 20-25lber being caught. It is my passion chasing these really big fish on the fly rod!


We use 8-10wt. rods, not necessarily for the size of the fish, we can land these fish on a 5wt. and have a lot of fun with the fight, but we are casting big streamers and it can be really windy at times so we use the heavier weight rods and lines in order to be able to cast a big streamer into the wind when necessary. Leaders do not need to be anything fancy, just a 4-6ft length of 17-20# mono will do the job just fine. We have extra rods, reels, line, and flies available to outfit you upon request.


I offer half day trips on the water, but I'm willing to stay out a while longer. Our main target is stripers but I'm happy to accommodate if you have other goals in mind. We often target small mouth along the rock bluffs when striper bite tapers off later in the day. Black bass, sandbass, carp, gar, and sunfish are also present in the lake and can be caught on the fly. Though finding and catching stripers is my expertise, I will do my best to accomplish whatever goals you may have for your trip, just be sure to communicate what you are wanting for your trip.


Keeping fish is optional, the limit on stripers is 10 fish per person with no more than 2 of those 10 over 20”. When they are biting, it is not difficult to go out and catch a limit of these fish on the fly rod so if you are looking to bring some of these fish home for supper be sure to let me know and and your catch will be filleted, the red meat will be removed, and the fillets bagged in ziploc bags at the end of the trip.


Make sure you have a Lake Texoma Fishing license which is $12 and can be purchased anywhere Texas or Oklahoma licenses are sold. You are welcome to bring a cooler with food and drink on board as well. If you have any questions about our trips, don't hesitate to ask.

I'll be looking forward to fishing with you!
Your Fly Fishing Guide,
Brian Prichard