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Fried Fish

Posted on February 8, 2009
Fried Fish:
The most popular way to prepare your catch.  
- 1lb of brined fish fillets
- 2 cups of corn meal
- 1 tbs salt
- peanut oil
First begin heating the peanut oil to 400° F. You will need enough oil to cover the fish entirely. Then mix the corn meal and salt together in a Ziploc bag and shake to mix the ingredients. Drain the brine off of your fish. You can cut the fillets into smaller pieces if you like or leave whole. Place a hand full of fish into the corn meal mixture and shake the bag to fully coat the fish with corn meal. If the corn meal starts to clump together before you finish all of the fish then add more ingredients to the bag. Place coated fillets into the hot oil, careful not to over crowd the fish. Cook until the fish floats and is golden brown which should take 5-10 minutes.


Your Lake Texoma Fishing Guide,

Brian Prichard