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For Spring Striper Fishing

Posted on February 16, 2009
March – May Water Temp – 55-65
            Spring striper fishing is some of the best of the year. Look for the fish to be in big schools in the main body of the lake, use your graph to find them. The shad will spawn in April and May and will produce the first topwater bite of the year. Look along rocky banks for white egrets and they will point the way to the shad and the fish. Fish will be aggressive when you find them. This time of year there will also be lots of boats on the water which will help you locate the fish. I normally try to stay away from these large gatherings of boats if I can find my own fish, but sometimes you have to take what you can get. 
             Once you’ve located the fish you’ll want to use sassy shad and topwaters against the rocks and live shad and slabs in deeper water. Don’t throw topwaters unless you see fish surfacing first. Try throwing sassys against wind blown points. When you find the fish running in the deep water, anchor over them with bait or drop slabs down and burn them back to the top. You can not reel too fast when doing this. Also try jigging the slab with long hard jigs. 
            Fishing will be fast and furious this time of year. It is common to catch your limit in an hour weather it be 2 people or 6 people on the boat. The faster I can unhook fish and rebait hooks, the faster we get the limit. Keep in mind you do not have to go in if we limit out quick. 
Your Lake Texoma Fishing Guide,
Brian Prichard