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For Fall Striper Fishing

Posted on February 16, 2009
September - November
            Fall fishing is just as good as the spring fishing.  As the water starts cooling down the fish start going nuts.  Look for striper to be hanging off of ledges and on the flats near the river channels.  The birds will begin to show back up during this time to make it easier to find the fish.  Look for birds hitting the water and drift into them.  Wait for the first cold fronts of the year and look in the shallow water against wind blown banks for the big fish and throw topwaters, even if you don’t see any fish surfacing. 
            Live bait, sassys, and slabs are your best bet during this time of year. Use slabs and sassys under the birds and live bait on the ledges. Use topwaters against the bank early in the morning during cold fronts. 
            This is my favorite time to topwater fish. Now is the time to book a trip if you want to catch a big fish on topwater.
Your Lake Texoma Fishing Guide,
Brian Prichard