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Lake Texoma Fishing Report: Summer Feeding Frenzy

Posted on June 5, 2019

 Summer break has arrived and thankfully the fish are biting like crazy. Summer means the lake is busy, there is a lot going on around the lake and a lot of things to do and experience. This means a lot of boat traffic, especially on the weekends so the best fishing happens during the week when the fish are less disturbed. Of course we are still going to catch fish on the weekends but we may have to work for them at times. The striper population is booming right now and fishing is excellent. There are more big fish over 20” than I have ever seen and some days it is a real challenge to find fish under 20” to fill out our limits. The limit on Texoma is 10 fish per person but only 2 of those 10 can be over 20” which leaves us searching for “unders” if my clients are looking to take home a limit of fish that day. Other people are more interested in having fun catching big fish the whole time rather than bringing home a limit which is alright too, even just the 2 big fish per person we are allowed still yields a good bit of fillets to take home. Whatever your goals are for the trip, we will do our best to fulfill them. 

Right now we are primarily using live bait and fishing on anchor from anywhere between 20-60ft of water. Usually the fish will come under the boat and stay with us the whole time but some days we have to move around a bit before we get them in the right mood, when we do get them started though, get ready because you will have a fish on as fast as you can get your bait in the water.


Traditionally sometime in late June or July we switch over to lures and start using slabs, swim baits, and topwaters. Though conditions are different this year with the high water it is difficult to know how the fish will respond. Usually the fish will group up in big schools out in deep water during this time and stay on the move so we use lures to make it easier to keep up with them, this is an exciting way to fish and we catch a lot of our biggest fish during this time as well. The weekends are also at their busiest as folks are chasing the fish schooling on top, often racing each other to the school of fish. This is fondly know as “combat fishing” around the lake. I do try to avoid these scenes if at all possible though at times I do have to mix and mingle in them to produce a quality trip for my clients. The weekdays are usually much more peaceful. 


This is my busiest season and I'm fishing everyday right now, except of course for those occasional and much needed days of rest I reserve for myself to keep in balance and preserve my love of fishing. If you are planning on coming out this summer and need a weekend you will want to book now as I only have a few weekends left. My schedule is more accommodating during the week and I can usually find an opening a couple of weeks in advance. It is easy to catch fish right now using live bait and everyone will be successful. Now is a great time to bring the kids out and make some memories. Book your trip online at or give me a call at (903)815-1609 and I'll get you setup. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Your Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide,
Brian Prichard
Stripers Inc Guide Service