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Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Springtime 23

Posted on April 11, 2023

 It is springtime on Lake Texoma and this warmer weather sure is enjoyable. I do enjoy winter fishing a lot but I've been ready for warmer days. We have had some nice rain early in March which I believe pulled a good portion of the stripers up river to spawn. When the rivers begin to flow in spring, the biggest fish in the lake will make their move up our two rivers, the Red and the Washita. They travel as far as 60 miles up the rivers to lay their eggs which need to float along in the flowing rivers for 8 days to prove fertile. The big rivers and the mild concentrations of salinity in the rivers make Lake Texoma one of the 3 freshwater bodies in the world where Stripers can repoduce naturally. All other freshwater locations that contain stripers have to be restocked annually. Their ability to reprocuce naturally has led to Lake Texoma becoming one of the most abundant striper fisheries in the world. Lake Texoma with a limit of 10 fish per person, has a more liberal limit than that of other lakes to help control their their tremendous reproductive capabilities. Since these fish have evolved to repopulate the Atlantic Ocean along the east coast, they are quite prolific breeders, especially when contained within a lake. I am always amazed at how many fish everyone harvests from the lake each year and we never even seem to put a dent in them, there are just as many fish in the lake right now as there has ever been if not more. This lake is certainly a treasure and I'm grateful to call it my home.

Even though most the biggest fish have gone to spawn, there are still plenty of fish in the main lake for us to enjoy some great fishing. We have been catching our fill of 18-22” fish and having to turn loose many that are too big to keep being over 20”. The bait bite is really turning on but the lure bite is still hot too so that is what we are using. Catching fish on lures is certainly more fun and if the lure bite is good, that is what I'll be using. However, I'm not above using bait when the lure bite slows down and the bait bite is on fire which will be the case come May, so expect that we will be using bait in May through about the middle of June. Having left early for the spawn this year, I'm expecting the big fish to return any day now and certainly by the first of May they will be back and you can be sure that they will be hungry when they return so be ready for some fun action!



With the beautiful weather, my wife decided we needed a family lake day so we loaded the truck and took our 10 year old son Aidan, our 3 year old little girl Myah and our springer spaniel Harper all out on the boat fishing. We fished for an hour and caught 16 nice stripers for supper then went to have some fun at the beach. I guess my children are a little spoiled, they really don't understand that most fishing involves patience. Good times and good memories!








My weekends are filling up fast, though I don't recommend that you come on the weekends anyway. People always ask me when the best time to come is, you can come anytime of the year and do well but for your best opportunity it is better to come during the week, especially in the warmer months of the year when everyone is going to the lake. Luckily there are plenty of weekdays available to choose from. You can book your trip online at or give me a call at (903)815-1609. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Also this may be my last report for a couple of months. I'll soon start fishing everyday and it is hard to find the time to send out fishing reports simply to tell everyone that I'm already booked, so be sure to plan your trips in advance. I'll be looking forward to fishing with you!


Your Lake Texoma Striper Guide,
Brian Prichard

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